Tor Lundvall

Tor Lundvall is a painter and an ambient composer who has released a large body of work since the late 1990’s. Lundvall introduced himself to Dais with his masterpiece album Sleeping & Hiding in 2009. In 2012 Lundvall and Dais presented his second instrumental album ever (2006’s Empty City being the first) entitled The Shipyard. After its release and universal praise, Lundvall confided that he was close to completing a third instrumental album, titled The Park, which Dais put out in 2015.  In addition to these three LP’s, Dais has also released two compilations of Lundvall’s music – The Seasons Unfold box set in 2011, which compiled four of his previous out-of-print albums, and Structures and Solitude in 2013 – as well as a 7” featuring two songs done in collaboration with like-minded musician Leila Abdul-Rauf.

Tor Lundvall is based in Eastern Long Island, and much of his art and music is inspired by his immediate surroundings of seaside backdrops and wooded landscapes. The Shipyard was recorded during the winter of 2009 during a time when Lundvall had immersed himself in portrait studies of local maritime life at the docks. The collection of songs that as a whole became The Shipyard provided the perfect soundtrack to the final renderings of the vivid, impressionistic paintings that Lundvall was creating during this time. Similarly, for The Park, Lundvall set about capturing the landscapes of various parks and composed a lurid and abstract soundtrack to accompany his sources of inspiration. Field recordings of birds, insects, lawnmowers, wood chippers, and other less definable sounds supplement the music, and give the final recordings an authenticity that has become Lundvall’s signature. Lundvall’s albums tell a story and animate the temperaments and moods of his paintings that would perhaps never have been fully manifested without their aural counterparts. Through releasing a vast collection of pure and cinematic ambient hymns, Tor Lundvall has steadily established himself as one of ambient music’s most familiar faces.