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Tor Lundvall's debut album from 1997, Passing Through Alone. See also: A Strangeness In Motion: Early Pop Recordings, 1989-1999

"As as teenager growing up in the mid-80's, my two musical passions were ambient music and synth-pop. When I started recording my own material around 1989, my output was literally split in two. The two would finally merge into something unique with the release of my second album Ice, however my first effort was primarily in the synth-pop vein." - Tor Lundvall, April 2009 / January 2013

Dais Records presents rare original copies of Tor Lundvall's debut synth-pop album Passing Through Alone. Originally released through Tor's own Eternal Autumns Editions imprint, this release was soon discontinued due to Tor's major creative shift away from pop sensibilities. Only sold at Tor Lundvall's private art openings in the late 90's and selectively through his own website, the album was retired for several decades until Tor kindly released archival stock to Dais for limited distribution. 


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    Dark Angels
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    Ghost Years
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    Raven Eyes
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    Poison Symbols
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    Birds In Spring
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    The Pathway
  • Midnight Question
  • Grey Sunday


  • Compact Disc | 1000 edition
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September 01, 1997

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