"Under The Shadows Of Trees"


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About "Under The Shadows Of Trees"

Limited copies available of the rare / out of print original CD of Tor Lundvall's seasonal works Under the Shadows of Trees from the famed World Serpent Distribution inventory from 2003. Reissued in full digitally on Bandcamp and streaming services, and as part of The Season's Unfold CD box set.

"The title of this album came to me one Summer afternoon in 1999 while sitting on a bench facing an old graveyard in Amagansett, New York. The sunlight flickered through the leaves, casting face-like patterns across the gravestones. In the distance, I heard a lawnmower droning quietly, mixed with the sound of children's laughter. I wrote down a few song titles and started working on some recordings, hoping to capture the strange, yet peaceful atmosphere of this moment.

The album follows the slow progression of a Summer day from morning through evening. While most of the tracks have pastoral themes, tracks such as 'The City' and 'Game Room' evoke memories of hiding out in air conditioned rooms away from the pounding heat, while digital clocks and video games blinked away in the cool darkness. Many of the songs were constructed around the after-effects of pure reverb, giving the music a soft and hazy quality. I encourage the listener to play this album outside when the Summer sun sets, just as the evening ghosts call softly from the woods."

- Tor Lundvall April 7th, 2003 (Amended March 2018)

Bonus Tracks on the Dais 2010 reissue:

"'Green and Grey' and 'Treetop' have been inserted back where they originally belonged in the running order. I decided to cut these tracks from the World Serpent edition to accommodate a shorter running time, however I always regretted this decision. I've also reinstated the full-length version of 'Sinking Sun'. The long Summer day I originally set out to capture is finally complete."

- Tor Lundvall, November 7th, 2010


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    Floating Faces
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    Are You There?
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    June Rain
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    Green and Grey
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    The City
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    Game Room
  • Distant Children
  • Leaf Sway
  • The Backyard
  • Sinking Sun
  • Twilight Girl
  • Orange Moon
  • Treetop
  • Summer Song
  • Under the Shadows of Trees


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April 28, 2003

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