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About "A Dark Place"

A Dark Place, Tor Lundvall's first vocal album since 2009’s Sleeping and Hiding, following the release of two instrumental albums and three retrospective CD box sets. Tor Lundvall has returned with an album filled with beautifully intricate sadness and reflection. An intensely private individual, Lundvall eschews the gallery circuit and live performances for his home studio in Eastern Long Island, NY, preferring to show his artwork privately and focus on studio production and writing without the pressures of the audience and all it encompasses. Encapsulating the pain, fear and sadness wrapped into the loss of his father, Blue Note Records president Bruce Lundvall, in 2015, A Dark Place came about as Lundvall's method of coping with the unsettling absence.

Unlike previous albums, A Dark Place was recorded solely at night and using Lundvall's familiar environment, real and imagined, as inspiration. Resurfacing a few melodies that were abandoned sketches going back as far as 1985, songs such as "The Next World" portray Lundvall's solitude and reoccurring themes of lost dreams and the terrible sadness of passing time.



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    Quiet Room
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    Haunted By The Sky
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    The Moment
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    The Invisible Man
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    Negative Moon
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    The Void
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    A Dark Place
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    The Next World


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February 23, 2018

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