"Twin Stumps"

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About "Twin Stumps"

Starting as a loose-knit noise punk project between four long-time friends, Twin Stumps took shape around 2008, setting the stage for manipulated mayhem whenever they were welcomed.

After a couple years of crawling through the tangled mess that is the underground of Brooklyn, NY, Twin Stumps pulled together an unpolished and coarse collection of songs to make up their freshman release.  Six songs hammered through a junkpile of distorted nihilism while dismissing sensible rock structure, Twin Stumps created a sound which kept its abrasive nature by reversing the concept of rhythmic beat into a sludge driven feedback loop.

Contemporary nods to the likes of German Shepherds, Pussy Galore and Kilslug but giving it a more abrasive rock feel fitting in with bands such as Brainbombs, Pissed Jeans or Clockcleaner. 


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    Beyond The Door
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    Painted In Blood
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    Ejaculation Servants
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  • Black Vinyl | 300 edition
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October 13, 2009

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