"Losing / Glassy Eyes"

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About "Losing / Glassy Eyes"

Swedish synth-pop phenomenon Kite’s second 7 inch since signing with Dais in 2023 finds the duo of Nicklas Stenemo and Christian Hutchinson Berg swinging for new heights of romantic desolation and baroque grandeur. They describe the A Side, "Losing," as a “six-minute empty call for emotional response.” Stately piano and anguished voice reverberate in a vaulted hall, before gradually building into a widescreen anthem of synths, drums, and soaring vocals decrying the steady deadening of life and love: "It’s deadly quiet in your old heart / Are you there? / I see dark skies on the rise / And daylight shows no remorse / And I realize it is my life / But It’s losing all meaning." Swedish dark music icons Anna von Hausswolff and Henric de la Cour join the chorus as the song cascades towards an ominous horizon.

The B Side, "Glassy Eyes," showcases Kite’s mastery of somber, sweeping balladry. Hushed church organ elevates and anchors Stenemo’s devastated confessional, swaying between resilience and defeat. The band describes the song as a reckoning with "the privileged and existential anxiety of drifting through life dispassionately,” contrasted with “the yearning to connect profoundly with others and a desire for experiences that stir the soul before facing one’s final moments." Like a hymn, the emotion thickens as it deepens, approaching both darkness and divinity: "Deep as I go, nothing to find / Oh catatonia, I won’t cry / Nothing can grow, everything dies / Behind my glassy eyes."



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    Losing (Anna von Hausswolff & Henric de la Cour)
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    Glassy Eyes


  • Opaque Black/Red Smash Vinyl 7" | 500 edition (Kite exclusive)
  • Transparent Clear with Black/Red Splatter Vinyl 7" | 500 edition (Dais exclusive)
  • Cloudy Red Vinyl 7" | 700 edition
  • Transparent Clear Vinyl 7" | 800 edition
  • Black Vinyl 7"
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April 19, 2024

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