About "Dry"

Geneva Jacuzzi is a Los Angeles-based multimedia artist whose immersive and unhinged multimedia performances are the stuff of legend, often involving a psychotropic gallery of masks, costumes, confrontation, and massive art installations. Jacuzzi’s recordings are equally revered, catchy hooks and cryptic moods dusted in 4-track grit.

"Dry" is retro-futurist body music about disconnection and uncertainty, accompanied by a striking black & white video which features Geneva suspended upside down.

"I took a little break from writing music and when I sat down at home to record, 'Dry' was the first song to burst out. The music came together so instantly it’s as if it had been waiting and perfecting itself for years in the ether. The chorus lyrics came that same week after I went on a date with Mike Judge and he never called me back (haha). I wasn’t upset or anything, but I had never been ghosted before and couldn’t help but equate modern love to an appliance you buy on the home shopping network."



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April 25, 2024

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