"Terribly Well"

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About "Terribly Well"

The noise rock parade that defies definition, set out on a mission of pure volume worship that is the post-decade pilgrimage of NY-based Sightings  After eight instinctive albums, the Sightings guys show no mercy with endless annihilation of their newest material on Terribly Well. All parts destruction measured against their abrasive songwriting. Jagged, collapsing rhythm based mayhem, guitars that can be mistaken as a freight train being ripped for scrap metal, only to be held together with panic stricken bass patterns that keep their voice from the edge of insanity. An accessible album for the unacceptable make this their finest to date.  Each song saws through the humanity, taking no hostages with this hectic industrial rock masterpiece.


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    The Loafer
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    Mute's Retreat
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    Better Fastened
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    Rivers of Blood
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    Take It In Trade
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    Bucket Brigades


  • Black Vinyl LP | 500 edition
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April 01, 2013

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