Sightings are an NY-based experimental noise rock band that show no mercy for the endless annihilation that is their creative output. Having released ten studio albums in the 15 years since their inception, Sightings are an inventive no-wave trio that mutated and evolved their sound throughout their tenure as pioneers of distorted minimalistic bliss. Guitars are mistaken for freight trains ripped for scrap metal while panic-stricken bass lines barely hold off all the elements from slipping over the edge into insanity.

After putting out eight previous LP’s on numerous labels including Load, Fusetron, Brah, and Our Mouth, Sightings was welcomed to the Dais family for the release of their ninth studio album Terribly Well, released in 2013. However, despite the album’s high critical acclaim and a successful month long European tour, Sightings did the unexpected and quietly disbanded without notice or explanation. Sightings’ 15 years in the trenches, which caused total sonic obliteration throughout New York City, made a polarizing impact on formalized underground music.

During the sessions that birthed Terribly Well, a complimentary album titled Amusers and Puzzlers was recorded in tandem, and put out by Dais in 2015, two years after the bands split. While not intending to be their final statement, Amusers and Puzzlers became the epilogue from the mouth of experimental rock’s most lasting monolith. This final album is a schizophrenic culmination of the band’s brand of damaged rock. Mark Morgan’s signature unorthodox guitar patterns paired with his nervous and scattered vocal phrasing compliments Richard Hoffman’s stampede-like momentum on bass and Jon Lockie’s drum triggers. The isolated noise patterns that make up Amusers and Puzzlers are a powerful closing statement for the band’s long-lasting and productive career.