Into Unknown Depths


Unrelenting raw black metal fused with punishing death-laced thrash punk, L.A.'s hate fueled trio Harassor drop their newest statement of destruction and apocalypse on Dais Records with Into Unknown Depths.  For the past 10 years, the band's output has seen releases on Husk, Nostilevo and their own Rising Beast and Universal Consciousness imprints, which lead to the bands arrival on the Southern Lord's lauded 2011 compilation The Power of the Riff.

Singer Pete Majors' blood splattered live performances use black metal tradition but appropriate the bleak landscapes of their own creation to recognize their hellish, bleak dismissal of the human race. Drummer Sandor GF (a.k.a Lord Time) alongside guitarist James "Roach" Brown III (a.k.a. the infamous Lord Foul / Moonknight) pull together a demonic metal assault of unholy blasphemy and sinister hostility.  Subversive as it is demonic, Into Unknown Depths reeks of true underground blackened metal. 

Release Date: May 27, 2014


  • Dirty Snow White Vinyl LP | 50 edition (sold out)
  • Black Vinyl LP | 250 edition


  1. Nine of Swords
  2. Frozen Soil
  3. Die Forever
  4. Winter's Triumph
  5. Strangulated
  6. Increased Decay
  7. Unknown Depths
  8. Night On My Side
  9. MDP
  10. Writhing In Pain
  11. Devoured By Time
  12. The Harassor
  13. Purest Hate