Harassor is a black metal trio from Los Angeles, CA. Over a decade after their creation in 2002, Harassor’s brutal hybrid of black metal, death/doom, and thrash has started gaining traction in recent years. After putting out multiple releases with various labels, Harassor joined forces with Dais in 2014 for the band’s fourth LP Into Unknown Depths. With Pete Majors commanding vocals, and the sheer force of Sandor G.F. on drums, guitarist James L. Brown III has the perfect platform to showcase his incredible fretwork and incomparable riffs. While the band lacks a bassist, the tone sent from Brown’s detuned guitar into a massive Peavey tube amp and a custom cabinet fills out their sound nicely with plenty on the low end. The result is a sound that is relentless and unwelcoming, perfect for fans looking for a dynamic new take on black metal and doom rock.