"Whip & The Body"

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About "Whip & The Body"

A short-lived Brooklyn noise creation that has decided to rear its malformed head onto the Dais roster. Furious as it was powerful and punishing to point of audible pain, this project burned out as quickly as it appeared. Three songs recorded in a single session with no overdubs or outtakes, a recording that serves as a decaying snapshot of the rotting core that is NYC noise.

Oscillating screams buried under violent drum rhythms and squelching feedback noise. Crushing, harsh power electronics for fans of early Whitehouse, Grey Wolves or Ramleh…a release that makes no promises.

Featuring members of Drunkdriver and York Factory Complaint.

Limited to 330 copies.

First 50 copies came with a the “Black Stain” CDr which documents the remaining brief albeit furious sessions of Whip & The Body.


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    Taken Teeth
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    Here On Exile
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  • 7'' Black Single | 300 edition

Release date

June 10, 2008

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