"A Stick to Bind, A Seed to Grow"

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About "A Stick to Bind, A Seed to Grow"

With only a mysterious self released 7” as proof of existence, Cult of Youth is a complex enigma among the swash of contemporary folk music, sprouting up in the least likely of places.

Anchored yet vengeful occultist folk in a town filled with fly-by-night posturing indie rock, Cult of Youth seems to stand alone and unapologetic about his approach or his tidings. Carefully composing one of the most well-rounded albums within the folk genre over the past decade, Cult of Youth incorporates an array of precise instrumentation and thinly veiled references much like the earlier works of Current 93, but where Sean Ragon of Cult of Youth stands apart from his predecessors is the power and energy of his songs, truly unique to this project and his perfectly executed artistic vision.

Thirteen harrowing sigils contained within this stunning debut full length release encased in a gate-fold, fold embossed package.


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    Freedom's Path
  • 0
    Cold Black Earth
  • 0
    The Final Myth
  • 0
    Loss Of Innocence
  • 0
    The Hand Of God
  • 0
    Torch Of Man
  • 0
    To The Floor!
  • 0
    Love Will Save Us
  • 0
    Brick By Brick
  • A Question Of Will
  • A New Dawn (On The Rise)
  • cmIII
  • We Will Rise


  • Black Vinyl LP | 500 edition

Release date

July 03, 2008

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