"Triple Fire"

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About "Triple Fire"

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Since first splashing on to the Southern California circuit in the mid- aughts, Geneva Jacuzzi (née Garvin) quickly cemented herself as the queen of the Los Angeles underground. Her immersive and unhinged multimedia performances are the stuff of legend, a psychotropic gallery of masks, costumes, confrontation, and massive art installations. Jacuzzi’s recordings are equally revered, catchy hooks and cryptic moods dusted in 4-track grit. The arrival of her third official full-length, and Dais Records debut, is cause for such celebration.

Triple Fire vividly expands and crystallizes Jacuzzi’s signature fusion of midnight melody and mutant aerobics across a 12-track hit parade of wildcard synth-pop and sly post-apocalyptic camp. Her enthusiasm for the album is as bold as her body of work: "Halfway through, we started calling this the record of the prophecy, the record that’s going to save mankind."

Opener "Laps of Luxury" sets the template – a strobe-lit dreamer’s delight of swaggering synth bass, Haçienda drum machinery, and sultry vocal spellcasting ("Tragic mysteries I’ve known for centuries / I burned all memories and turned to fantasy"). The collection burns through shades of sardonic strut ("Art Is Dangerous," "Nu2U," "Keep It Secret"), coldwave kiss off ("Speed Of Light," co-produced by Andrew Clinco of Drab Majesty), retro-futurist body music ("Dry," "Scene Ballerina," "Bow Tie Eater"), and cheeky glitterball pop ("Take It Or Leave It," "Heart Full Of Poison" co-produced by Roderick Edens and Andrew Briggs). She likens the eclectic spectrum of moods to the continuum of human emotions: "Funny, sexy, sad, scary, witty, hopeful, menacing. Eventually it deconstructs, turns into a party, and then ends sweet and soft."

Taken as a whole, Triple Fire comes as close as any document yet to capturing Jacuzzi’s kaleidoscopic alchemy of pop sugar and chaos energy, flickering between icy and ironic, chic and surreal, hungry and heartsick. Hers is a muse as rare as it is regenerative, forever reborn at the precipice of the next chorus: "Someone said that Alcatraz had fallen into the sea / Almost sounded like an angel calling me in a dream / I felt an electric shock when I picked up the microphone."



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    Laps of Luxury
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    Art is Dangerous
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    Speed of Light
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    Scene Ballerina
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    Take It or Leave It
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    Keep it Secret
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    Rock and a Hard Place
  • Bow Tie Eater
  • Heart Full of Poison
  • Yo-Yo Boy


  • Red Ripple Vinyl LP (Dais Exclusive, ltd. 500)
  • Black and White Smash Vinyl LP (Indie Store Exclusive, ltd. 500)
  • Black Vinyl LP
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August 23, 2024

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