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Laced with a street punk energy and mentality, "Mob DLA” is the first taste of the forthcoming High Vis album slated for release later this year.

"The years upon years of public service cuts have had a devastating human effect on communities in the UK. People are forced to justify their need for assistance, made to endure dehumanizing tests in order to monitor their eligibility for support for often lifelong disabilities. Marginalized communities are left to fend for themselves then vilified in targeted media smear campaigns. This is all happening in the shadow of ever increasing bonuses and salaries for the political and industrial elite and their friends. I have seen this in my own family. The stress and anxiety of people simply trying to find space in a world which increasingly feels designed against them is palpable. And through it all, I’ve seen the power of community action in the face of sustained neglect." - Graham Sayle

"Mob DLA" precedes a string of festival performances around the globe this summer, including Glastonbury in the UK, Hurricane Festival in Germany, Hellfest in France, Louder Than Life in Kentucky, Aftershock in California, Mondra & Roll in Spain, and more. High Vis will also be accompanying Speed for a run of shows in Australia this August and September alongside Pain of Truth and Fuse. Tickets can be found at https://highvisuk.com/tour


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    Mob DLA


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June 11, 2024

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