Time Machines


Late 2022-Early 2023 Purple Variants Now Shipping

Starting as a rough demo tape recorded solely by Coil member Drew McDowall, Time Machines started to take full form when McDowall enthusiastically delivered these demo recordings to John Balance and Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson as sketches for a new Coil project with the primary goal of shifting Coil’s sound further into a more conceptually abstract direction. Largely recorded in 1997 using single takes, with minimal post production, these four drones contain every intended fluctuation and tone, along with every glitch of the original – “Artifacts generated by your listening environment are an intrinsic part of the experience.”

“4 Tones to facilitate travel through time.” So begins the listeners’ journey into what has become one of the most treasured and revered pieces of COIL history ever released. Each of the four pieces on Time Machines is named after the chemical compound of the hallucinogenic drug that they were composed for, and the album was meticulously crafted to enable what John Balance referred to as "temporal slips" in time and space, allowing both the artist and audience to figuratively "dissolve time".

Inspired by long form ceremonial music of Tibet and other religions, where the intent is to lose oneself in the music – to meditate or achieve a trance state – Time Machines became Drew McDowall, John Balance, and Peter Christopherson’s “electronic punk-primitive” answer to this tribal concept.

Remastered by Josh Bonati and supervised by Drew McDowall, Time Machines is officially reissued as a double vinyl LP featuring deluxe matte gatefold with gloss overlay and printed eurosleeves inserts. The compact disc edition included reproductions of the six original vinyl stickers and comes housed in a gatefold chipboard digipack featuring spot gloss overlay.

Original Release Date: January 1998

Dais Reissue Release Date: October 27, 2017


  • Black Vinyl 2xLP
  • Compact Disc

 First Dais Pressing, 2017:

  • Art Edition Transparent Orange Vinyl 2xLP | 43 edition   sold out
  • Clear Vinyl 2xLP | 100 edition   sold out
  • Red Vinyl 2xLP | 400 edition   sold out
  • Grey Vinyl 2xLP | 500 edition   sold out
  • Transparent Orange Vinyl 2xLP | 1,000 edition   sold out

2nd Dais Pressing:

  • Yellow Vinyl 2xLP | 200 edition   sold out
  • Blue Vinyl 2xLP | 500 edition   sold out

3rd Dais Pressing, 2021:

  • Black-in-Clear Vinyl 2xLP | 200 edition  sold out
  • Green & Black Splatter on Clear Vinyl 2xLP | 400 edition  sold out
  • Clear Green Vinyl 2xLP | 600 edition   sold out

4th Dais Pressing, 2022:

  • Purple-in-Clear | 200 edition
  • Purple and Black Splatter | 200 edition
  • Clear Purple | 400 edition


  1. 7-Methoxy-β-Carboline: (Telepathine)
  2. 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Ethyl-Amphetamine: (DOET-Hecate)
  3. 5-Methoxy-N,N-Dimethyl: (5-MeO-DMT)
  4. 4-Indolol,3-[2-(Dimethylamino)Ethyl],Phosphate Ester: (Psilocybin)