"Time's No Measure 1987-1993"


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About "Time's No Measure 1987-1993"

Annabelle’s Garden were a radically underground goth-wave band founded in Hamburg, Germany by members of local acts "La Lisa" and "Beyond Despair", most active between 1987 and 1997. They released cassettes themselves and across indie European labels, music which was eventually compiled and presented to the world in the early and mid-90s on two CD releases.

Annabelle's Garden managed to create music that existed both in that realm and beyond, labeled as psychedelic, punk, new wave, and goth. You can clearly hear respect given to This Mortal Coil, The Cure, or The Wake – making them as easily filed among classic World Serpent releases as they would fit among 4AD or Factory.

The limited gatefold double LP is comprised of not only the original album from 1993: Wo Sind Nur Eure Götter Hin?, but also includes tracks from the band’s original first recording and maiden cassette release, as well as a special never before heard remix of their classic anthem "If."

Lovingly included is a full color 12-page booklet with liner notes, detailed track information, and a complete history of the band written by the band themselves, emerging for the first time in almost twenty years to collaborate with Dais.


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    In Ein Morgen
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    My Unknown Child V.1.
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    Thoughts on Departure
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    The Other Front
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    Winter Moon Descends
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    A Path Towards Nothing
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    The Final Deed
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  • Mit Blumen Auf Den Lippen V.1.
  • Spring Day
  • Will You Wait
  • The Tears You Cried
  • Meranda
  • Wa - Ba
  • If (Flo's Remix)


  • Black Vinyl 2xLP | 500 edition
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December 10, 2013

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