Bestial Mouths



Limited edition CDr release featuring the first single off their debut album, Hissing Veil. After a few years lurching through the Los Angeles underground on the back of a release on Silencio navigating some hectic line up changes, Bestial Mouths formulated Gulls as their first major foray concentration into noise rock performance art meets electronic tribal dance anthem. Dizzying panic on the verge of meltdown, Bestial Mouths power through songs with a end-times immediacy to their pace and a shocked nerve to their soul.  Sold only at their west coast performances to compliment their recent video launch and the celebrate their solidarity, this limited edition features their signature imagery and sonic boom, banshee wails and percussive mayhem, truly making Bestial Mouths the most unique band within counter-culture synth rock. Limited to 100 copies.