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About "Let Me Go"

Formed in Tempe, Arizona, electronic dance faction Body of Light have proven to be a teeming creative force within the present-day electronic landscape. From the archaic drones and abstract measurements of their earliest collections, to their prodigious cinematic pop ballads and darkwave compositions, the two brothers, Alex and Andrew Jarson, are no strangers when it comes to blurring the compositional lines that confine underground music. Having worked together and separately over the years within the folds of the co-founded Ascetic House collective, both Alex and Andrew have given life to a variety of projects such as Otro Mundo, Blue Krishna, Somali Extract, and Memorymann, whilst unveiling over a dozen visual, audio, and written works under a variety of monikers in a shortened period of time. Body of Light is simply another extension of that exercised method of immediate and natural experimentation.

Let Me Go frames the band as a project that has run the circle of practiced ideas to a fully-realized vision of synth pop sensibility and erotic aesthetics. Previous releases on Chondritic Sound and Ascetic House show both members grappling with sound and art as both a tool of mechanical reproduction and lawless spiritual hedonism. But after half a decade has marched on under the Body of Light banner, the project has solidified itself in its current mature state as one of the most transcendent dance music mediums today.  Hesitant to define themselves strictly as a “synth-pop” collaboration, the brothers incorporate a wide variety of commodities as they attempt to formulate a direction, unique with decaying, warped tape loops, aging VHS home-movie sound samples from their childhood, primitive waveforms, and processed vocals tinged with harmonic means. Their notion is to utilize past and present technologies in a way that feels unique, honest and sensible. With multiple cassette releases to date, including Follow The Current, Lustre, Universal Sin, Volantà Di Amore and Limits of Reason, the project has established a sound and iconography that seem unusual in conjunction, though aesthetically and sonically opulent.

Recorded during the afterglow of 2015, the song list that would form the groundwork of Let Me Go finally came full circle under the production guidance of engineer Ben Greenberg (Uniform / Hubble). The synth-pop anthems of songs such as “How Do I Know?” and “Tremble” relay a sense of dance floor incitement in the way that the zeitgeist of 1980’s Manchester forced the dull masses to get up and move, by any means necessary.  “Moving Slowly” reminds the listener of their personal fantasy of life in the after hours haze of Eastern Europe’s discothèques that sadly never took place. Each song follows the next into a lucid moment of cathodic synergy and romantic relevance that pulls from their self-reflected mysticism and projects itself forward during their masterful live performance. Artwork and design by Collin Fletcher.



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    How Do I Know
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    Holding You
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    Come Down
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    Let Me Go
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    Last Breath
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    Moving Slowly
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    Cold Gesture
  • World Falls Apart


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July 26, 2019

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