"...And 6 Dark Hours Pass"

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aTelecine is the lucid avant-garde dub noise vehicle of actress Sasha Grey & Pablo St. Francis. While typically overshadowed by Ms. Grey’s previous forays, her contributions and collaborations in experimental music are undeniably relevant while simultaneously confusing to her ingrained demographic.  For their debut album entitled "...And 6 Dark Hours Pass", aTelecine has reached into their vast collection of influences, bringing to mind the sound sculpture aesthetics of Throbbing Gristle but having a delicate, dark ambient hand akin to the likes of Lustmord and Robert Rich. aTelecine create a complex, haunting soundtrack as a perfect follow-up to their earlier maligned single. Rigid and endearing reverberation encapsulate the intimate relationship of the subject and artist.  Featuring exclusive illustrations and design by revered French artist Frédéric Poincelet.