aTelecine is an experimental industrial and noise music collaboration originally founded in 2008 by Sasha Grey and Pablo St. Francis. The lineup later expanded to include additional members Anthony D’Juan and Ian Cinnamon. This initial roster disbanded around 2013, leaving Ian C. and a new vocalist named Sveio as the only remaining full-time members. aTelecine released their first mini LP, a highly experimental six-song collection of cathartic output akin to early Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle called …And Six Dark Hours Pass on Dais in 2010. Dais followed up with a second aTelecine release in 2012 titled Entkopplung (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) The album is a soundtrack to a highly esoteric science fiction film, which has yet to be completed. aTelecine’s signature throbbing analogue drones and washes of white noise distortion are in full force with this release, and although the film complement has not yet been actualized, it is not hard to visualize the apocalyptic and desolate backdrops that would accompany these compositions.