Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, CA

About VR SEX

Technology was meant to be humanity’s tool to combat famine, disease, confusion, and to facilitate life, culture, and innovation. Instead, we’re mired in a digital labyrinth that few care to navigate or even solve. Perhaps it’s not a ruse and the matrices coded by keyboard maestros are a path to liberation, but without querying the constructs we cannot ruminate on their affectations on humanity.

VR SEX are audio/visual provocateurs who transpose the identifiers of acid punk, death rock, and ethereal soundscapes into an audit on technology and its imprint on our collective psyche. The band are comprised of visionary mercenaries Noel Skum (Andrew Clinco of Drab Majesty) on guitars and vocals, Z. Baron (Aaron Montaigne of Antioch Arrow/Heroin/DBC), Mike X (Mike Kriebel), Chane Wallet (Marley Jones), and Dr. Clown (Emmet Kelly).

VR SEX's debut, Human Traffic Jam, focuses on lyrical themes that probe the possibilities of loss of autonomy through social media, the decline of human interaction, and celebrity favoritism.

Rough Dimension takes its title from an architectural phrase but more importantly refers to the warped, wicked underworld the songs both chronicle and condemn. The results are notably ripping, refined, and riveting. Riffs in alternate tunings chug and churn over mid-tempo drums punctuated by spikes of sci-fi electronics while the vocals swagger and spit venom. A bristling mix of the melodic and the macabre, absurdist observations of fast living and desperate measures, the clock of youth ticking towards midnight as dreams unravel in Babylon.


Tour Dates

07/01 - Phoenix, AZ at Valley Bar

07/03 - San Antonio, TX at Paper Tiger

07/05 - Austin, TX at Parish

07/06 - Houston, TX at The End

07/08 - Atlanta, GA at The Earl

07/09 - Raleigh, NC at Kings

07/10 - Richmond, VA at Richmond Music Hall

07/11 - Washington, D.C. at Pie Shop

07/12 - Philadelphia, PA at Foto Club

07/13 - Brooklyn, NY at Market Hotel

07/14 - Montréal, QC at Bar Le Ritz

07/15 - Toronto, ON at The Baby G

07/16 - Hamtramck, MI at Outer Limits

07/17 - Chicago, IL at Cobra Lounge