Awen is a vehicle for the visions and intonations of Erin Powell with the chief assistance and musicianship of Eric Kristopher, the participation and production of Per Nilsson, and the voice and percussive efforts of Katrin X. Wes Radvansky officially joined as of 2014, contributing his outstanding guitar skills to the mix. 2006-2008 saw the first Awen releases in very small CD editions prepared for specific events as well as the debut of a music video on a DVD compilation by the Spanish magazine Antiphonal, followed by a split 7". The following year ushered in the first full-length album from Awen, The Bells Before Dawn, in a vinyl release from Dais Records. In 2010, The Bells Before Dawn was re-issued in a digipak CD version by Triskele Recordings, and the band has gone on to put out additional releases on Old Europa Cafe and Folkworld.

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