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A Place to Stand


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Youth Code’s latest release, A Place To Stand, is an expression of rage that could only come from Los Angeles. Perfectly capturing the frustration and claustrophobia of the early 80s LA hardcore scene but re-appropriating that aggression and melding it to the strict, pounding electronics of classic industrial. Recorded and engineered by Josh Eustis (Nine Inch Nails, Telefon Tel Aviv), A Place to Stand features four new Youth Code tracks that showcase the band exploring an evolved sense of melodic synth work and more varied tempos than anything they have released to date. From the pure adrenal rush of opening track, “Consumed By Guilt” and the Wax Trax-esque dance floor anthem “To Burn Your World” to the lush synthscape melodies of “For I Am Cursed”, Ryan George and Sara Taylor perfectly balance respect for the past while creating a sound that is districtively their own. 

The reverse collects four remixes of earlier Youth Code tracks from artists as diverse as Corrections House’s Sanford Parker, avant rap collective Clipping., industrial / EBM outfit God Module & the industrial techno mastermind, Silent Servant.  A Place to Stand exceptionally coaxes raw, organic emotion out of cold, primitive technologies...stemming from Youth Code unique genesis.

Release Date: September 23, 2014


  • Clear/Red Splatter Vinyl LP | 100 edition (sold out)
  • Marble Vinyl EP | 400 edition (sold out)
  • Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl EP | 500 edition (sold out)
  • Glow-in-the-Dark/Black Splatter Vinyl EP | 100 edition (sold out)
  • Light Blue Vinyl EP | 400 edition (sold out)
  • Black Vinyl EP | 500 edition (sold out)