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About "Shatter"

The collaborative debut of American minimal techno producer Troy Pierce and Colombian audiovisual artist Natalia Escobar aka Poison Arrow was conceived in reverse: first they created a collection of shadowy surrealist videos, then wrote music inspired by them. This inverted process proved remarkably fruitful. Shatter is a simmering, slow-burn noir odyssey inspired by the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus, traversing subtle shades of sleepwalker dub, metallic lament, broken beats, and erotic negative space. It's an effectively unsettling evocation of the legend's core theme: “There is nothing more complex than a shattered heart, or a heart that can't love.”

Considering their shared background trafficking in darkened dance floor modes, what's most striking about Pierce with Arrow's partnership is its rhythmic restraint. The album's 10 tracks seethe and shudder between glamor and gloom, with only occasional dread-steeped metronomes mapping the malaise to a grid. They speak of pursuing a “spatial approach” with this project, which manifests in the music's immersive design and patient execution, each mangled clang and rippling pool of bass allowed to reverberate its full flickering waveform. 

Guest appearances by austere techno producer Konrad Black (“Obsidian Glass”) and drum n bass institution dBridge (“It's A Love Story, After All”) flow seamlessly into the whole, subtle sculptural accents on a dimly lit descent through purgatories of longing and lust. But the shadows recede for the record's closing cut, “Narcissus,” which swells elegiacally in a mass of devotional drones over a muted heartbeat, like Narcissus gazing upon his reflection in holy awe: elusive true beauty, finally beheld, by itself.

Pierce With Arrow and Dais Records have teamed up with Folie A Plusieurs perfumer Mark Buxton to create a special scent exclusively for "Shatter" and developed by Japanese incense house Hako. The incense paper comes as a black leaf, intended to be burned while listening and packaged within the limited Silver/White vinyl edition of 200 copies, only available through Dais Records. 



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      Dissolving to a Voice
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      She Pined Away
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      Obsidian Glass (ft. Konrad Black)
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      A Tight Passage
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      His Rejection
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      The Night is Ending
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      In the Depths of His Eyes
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      It's a Love Story, After All (ft. dBridge)
    • Narcissus


    • Silver / White Vinyl LP (w/ incense) | 200 edition
    • Silver Vinyl LP | 400 edition
    • Clear Vinyl LP | 600 edition
    • Black Vinyl LP
    • Digital

    Release date

    March 19, 2021

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