"Night Tripper"

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About "Night Tripper"

Former drummer of enigmatic LA synthpunk outfit New Collapse, Rich Bitch (AKA Frank Alpine) has been privately sharing his solo electronic works with friends over the last few years on special handmade cassette, only to be heard privately by its selected recipient. Alpine has cued up two of his coveted coldwave synthesizer compositions onto a debut single with an ebb & flow that creeps along to further his conquest of the night. Grim oscillations counterfeit the idea of conformity driven past each listen with a hypnotic tone of a gentle stage tragedy.

Settling in at the temple of his predecessors such as 18:e Oktober and Cultural Amnesia, Frank Alpine’s character of a nightlife gothic revival appropriates the style of Gary Numan and Ceramic Hello. Further releases on Wierd only prove that Frank Alpine solidifies the helm of the dystopian underground and continues to haunt the dungeons of primal electronics.


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    Night Tripper
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    Another Land


  • Black Vinyl 7" | 300 edition
  • Digital

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December 15, 2009

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