COUM Transmissions

Sugarmorphoses LP


This second installment of the COUM Transmissions recorded documents entitled Sugarmorphoses was recorded in 1974 by Genesis P-Orridge within the COUM Transmissions headquarters, joyfully known as the Ho Ho Funhouse, and is one of the most far-flung, experimental recordings related to COUM. This recording consists of Genesis candid kitchen recordings of solo broken piano improvisations accompanied by P-Orridges own reel to reel experiments using old tape reels dating back to 1965, from which a young Neil Megson made countless field recordings and homework dictations to play while sleeping. Playful, chaotic, imaginative, and historic, these recording show a young P-Orridge at a heightened sense of creative fervor. Previously unpublished photographs from the P-Orridge With Everything archives and exclusive liner notes by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge recalling the environment and zeitgeist of these special recordings. Limited to 1,000 copies.