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About "Motionless"

Motionless, the third album by Los Angeles-based Cold Showers, wields the band's signature sound known to fans, and becomes more sophisticated in style and arrangement than their previous works. Traversing the realm of synth-laced post punk expertly for close to a decade, Motionless is a process-based album that reaches into the band’s collective quiver, melding their familiar anthem infused post-punk and lush, grand pop influences.

Recorded in their own studio with band member Chris King at the production helm, each selection on the album sounds like a line drawing that quickly becomes a technicolor collage of crashing shoegazed reverberation.

Compared to Matter of Choice, the additions of arpeggiated electronics and string arrangements adds a new depth to the band's already dense allegories. “Shine” and “Faith” stand on their own as heavy-hearted melodies that leave a classic impression after only one listen. The band’s cover of Sandy Rogers’ 80’s ballad “Black Sidewalk” (only available on the LP & CD) offers proof-of-concept, never fully comfortable with their formula and challenging themselves as to what defines an amazing song. “Measured Man” and “Dismiss” have Cold Showers orbiting in the palpitations of early Factory Records and present each spin with tactical layering, rather than flooding the board.

With an overarching narrative of quiet control, Motionless allows Cold Showers to highlight their writing strengths with liquid ideation. No matter what situation the band finds themselves in, every song is given an individualized treatment while building a larger story. Featuring exclusive artwork by Los Angeles artist Robbie Simon.



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    Tomorrow Will Come
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    Measured Man
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    Sinking World
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    Black Sidewalk (Vinyl and CD only)
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    Every Day On My Head


  • Red / Green / Blue Vinyl LP | 200 edition
  • Red Vinyl LP | 300 edition
  • Blue Vinyl LP | 500 edition
  • Black Vinyl LP
  • Compact Disc
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Release date

May 15, 2019

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