"The Trees Grew Emotions & Died"

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About "The Trees Grew Emotions & Died"

From the creative yet elusive mind of Wes Eisold (formerly of American Nightmare / Some Girls / XO Skeletons) comes touching and nostalgic analogue coldwave synth in the vein of early Echo West, New Order and Absolute Body Control.

This debut EP release captures Eisold’s barbarous vision of a world lost without hope, channeling this mantra using simple sequenced electronic rhythms, recurrent synthesis and haunting, pitched verse. Cold Cave stands alone as being the modern resolution to our perverse desires and dreams, using only atmospheric beauty within desolation to create comfort, mercy and forgiveness. These early works laid the groundwork for Cold Cave’s journey through the catacombs of modern electronic music and pop reverence while simultaneously staging a poetic coup not seen in decades.

First pressing with black & white cover art, edition of 500, November 2008

Second pressing with black & white cover art, edition of 500, February 2009


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    The Trees Grew Emotions And Died
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    Our Tears Help The Flowers Grow
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    Heaven's Gate


  • Black Vinyl EP | 500 edition
  • Black Vinyl EP | 500 edition (2nd pressing)

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November 08, 2008

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