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Within The Gag File, the most recent album from Wolf Eyes co-founder Aaron Dilloway, themes of obsession and neurosis splinter Dilloway's persona as an artist balancing control and chaotic misbehaviour, always reexamining the ideas of desperate confusion as something more abstract rather than visceral. Songs such as “Karaoke with Cal” and “It’s Not Alright” have an intoxicating effect, taking in the world’s problems and regurgitating them back in hopes of finding enjoyment. Pleasure finds its home in the voyeuristic "No Eye Sockets (For Otto & Sindy), looping in on itself to blur the boundaries of when the party truly begins or ends.

Nods to Dilloway’s recent live performances have been unusually captured as the song “Inhuman Form Reflected” doubles as a sound portrait of the artist’s internal struggle with hysteria, but suddenly breaks away from a recorded song into an accidental segue way of someone on the edge. Most hallmarks of Dilloway’s audio signature are seemingly here but not firmly imprinted into the recording. Instead, Dilloway uses his methods of vocal manipulation and frenzied reference to tell a completely foreign narrative, one that subjects himself to naked uncertainty, audible anxiety and discourse.


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      Karaoke With Cal
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      Inhuman Form Reflected
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      Born In A Maze
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      It's Not Alright
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      No Eye Sockets (For Otto & Sindy)
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      Shot Nerves


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    April 28, 2017

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