Sissy Spacek

Los Angeles, CA

About Sissy Spacek

Sissy Spacek formed in 1999 and have created some of the most brutal and harsh noise music to come out of Los Angeles in recent years. Constantly shifting and evolving, the band has gone through many personnel changes and many different sounds ranging from industrial, tape music, grindcore, and noise. The intensity and the sheer power of the music is the one constant factor that ties the band’s numerous releases together into any sort of coherence. Forget about any sort of coherence in the actual music itself -– Sissy Spacek is total chaos, their progressions totally unpredictable, and the explosiveness of their execution causes a fallout of total sonic obliteration. Putting out an impressive amount of releases from 2001 onwards, Sissy Spacek has worked with labels such as Chondritic Sound, Misanthropic Agenda, and Gilgongo Records, as well as band member John Wiese’s lauded Helicopter imprint.