Scout Paré-Phillips

Scout Paré-Phillips is a visual artist and musician based in Brooklyn, NY. Her first musical foray was with the Baltimore based post-punk/country act, The Sterling Sisters. Scout’s skills as one half of the primary songwriting force in the Sisters, coupled with her varied instrumentation and balladeer vocal projections paved the way for her to step aside and embark on her own musical journey.

Scout’s operatically trained soprano voice combined with her seemingly effortless proficiency on guitar and autoharp were fully manifested on her solo debut album titled Heed The Call, put out by Dais in February 2015. Taking inspiration from the acoustic leanings of Sibylle Baier and Leonard Cohen, the vocal conviction of Roy Orbison, and holding poetic court with players like Rowland S. Howard, Nick Cave, and Diamanda Galas, Scout Paré-Phillips creates her own unique hybrid of old-time folk storytelling and contrasting modern illusions.

Heed The Call features accompaniment by Scout’s beloved musical collaborator Emil Bognar-Nasdor (Dawn of Humans, Røsenkopf), and together they form crashing crescendos of guitar, percussively strummed autoharp melodies, and an array of both acoustic and electronic sculptures. Scout’s torch songs of pure and raw emotional deluge compliment the rich timbre of her trained voice, and breathe a new life into the contemporary idea of a “folk singer”.