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About "World of Sand"

Multi-instrumentalist Graeme Jefferies is the given name of the fabled underground counterculture icon hailing from New Zealand, and his mainstay project, The Cakekitchen, has its roots firmly grounded in the pages of 1980’s New Zealand garage storybook which featured countless innovative artists, all of which huddled under the umbrella of labels such as Flying Nun Records, Propeller, or Pagan Records.  After performing in the revered gothic punk act, Nocturnal Projections, and after the collapse of his previous Flying Nun group, This Kind of Punishment, The Cakekitchen emerged as an amalgamation of gloomy and introspective post-punk and indie, with a stronger focus on structured studio songwriting and thoughtful compositional approach - producing some of the most expressive and unique music to come out of New Zealand during the early 90’s.

Originally released in 1991 on Homestead Records, “World of Sand” is the second full length album by The Cakekitchen, highlighting the first live line-up of the band featuring the drumming of Robert Key (Expendables / Lanky), and Rachael King (3Ds) on bass. This formation existed for roughly two and a half years and these compositions were considered by many to be the height of the groups’ creative potential, with musical comparisons to the early material by This Kind of Punishment…pounding piano, maddening viola, numerous tape splices and oddball musical passages – along with several pieces recorded at home on a four track, lending a lo-fi, dark, and intimate feel to the album. Led by Jeffereies’ distinct baritone voice, the album is layered, complex, and darkly beautiful.



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    Ordeal by Water
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    World of Sand
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    Walking on Glass
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    Don't Be Fooled by the Label
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    Tomorrow Came Today
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    The Perfect Day
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    Dogs and Cats
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    Isle of Pittsburg
  • Crimson to Gunmetal


  • Black Vinyl LP | 500 edition

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July 24, 2016

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