Known as one of the most prolific and prominent figures in the current noise and electronic scenes, Dominick Fernow has impressively put out upwards of 100 releases since the late 90’s, many of which are under his Prurient moniker. Constantly mutating from one incarnation to the next, Prurient is a project that is relentlessly switching gears and redefining the boundaries of contemporary experimental, ambient, and noise music. Contrasting between harsh noise and atmospheric beauty, Fernow builds layers of sound that are sometimes comprised of massive feedback, penetrating vocals, and machinelike industrial beats, and other times of ethereal melodies, lush harmonies, and waves of electronic bliss. Fernow puts out his music on almost every format imaginable through a variety of different labels, including his own lauded record label Hospital Productions. In 2012, Fernow went with Dais to release a double 7” EP titled Wrapped In The Flame Of Illusion / Masked In The Clay Of Behavior, an album that can only be described as ‘ambient power electronics’, and which captures Prurient at its most vulnerable and sedate, reflective, and rapt.