Iceage is the uncompromisingly hardcore punk outpouring of four Danish teenagers, whose ages averaged just 17 years when the band was formed in 2008. Since its inception, Iceage’s sound has matured along with its members, leaving purely nihilistic barrages behind for more mature expressions, but without sacrificing the energy of their early material and live shows. Dais put out their debut album, New Brigade, in the US in 2011, and its reception was highly praised by critics and fans alike.  Perfectly capturing the punk attitude of the Denmark DIY scene, the carnal drive of hardcore, and the ominous and distrustful attitudes of post-punk and goth, New Brigade was a vigorous force and made a strong statement as the band’s debut LP. Iceage went on to sign with Matador Records for their second and third albums, continuing to grow as songwriters and fine-tuning their compositional skills, while maintaining the power and raw energy of their original spirit.