Hunting Lodge

Hunting Lodge is the 80’s experimental industrial project of Lon Diehl and Richard Skott. Hunting Lodge began in the summer of 1982 when Diehl and Skott enlisted the assistance of Karl Nordstrom as well as his brother Thomas, who aided the band in their visual art realizations. Soon after, Hunting Lodge played their first show on September 9, 1982 at the now infamous Harrington Ballroom in Port Huron, Michigan. This show was recorded and then released as a private edition cassette later that year. After that performance, Hunting Lodge recorded and self-released their much-coveted 23 Minutes of Murder cassette. Shortly after, Karl Nordstrom left the band, stripping the line up back down to the two original core members.

After releasing a cassette titled Exhumed in 1983 on the German label Datenverarbeitung, Hunting Lodge pulled together and recorded tracks that would become their first full-length album entitled Will, which was put out by Diehl’s and Skott’s own label S/M Operations. Drawing references from Crowley, Nietzsche, and G. Gordon Liddy, Hunting Lodge collaged together industrial percussion patterns, live recordings, early sketches, and synthesized noise into nine compositions which also included vocal appearances by Andreas Muller of Datenverarbeitung, Francisco Lopez, and Masami Akita a.k.a. Merzbow. The final product would serve as a blueprint for later generations of industrial noise music and plant the influential seed for the large amounts of noise output that came out of Michigan in the following years. Dais Records proudly reissued Will on vinyl in 2015, fully re-mastered to its original sonic standards by Michael Rozon.