Drab Majesty

The Demonstration



Deb Demure’s powerful presence and hypnotic sound has firmly defined the identity of Drab Majesty. After releasing the debut album, Careless, Drab Majesty split time between touring and studios, piecing together the ideas for the follow-up album, The Demonstration, an album depicting Deb Demure as only one part of Drab Majesty's overall being and storytelling saga.

Starting off with the instrumental "Induction", Drab Majesty sets up an ethereal backdrop for which the rest of the album follows. Tracks such as “Dot In The Sky” and “39 By Design” (a song pointing to the doomsday cult Heaven's Gate) use lush, shoegaze approach to portray the fragility of humanity's loss of self, looking only to the heavens for answers. "Cold Souls" flawlessly executes Drab Majesty's arpeggiated finger picking signature, complete with washes of hazy noise and atmospheric reverb. With the addition of Mona D. to Drab Majesty's mysterious portfolio, songs from The Demonstration perpetually create new meanings and depth with every listen. After Drab Majesty wraps up The Demonstration with "Behind The Wall", one is left wondering what kind of identity is truly their own.

Compact disc/digital download edition features two additional bonus tracks as well as four exclusive remixes by Cold Cave, Drew McDowall, Silent Servant and Martial Canterel.

Release Date: January 27, 2017


  • Blue Vinyl LP | 100 edition (sold out)
  • Clear Vinyl LP | 400 edition (sold out)
  • White Vinyl LP | 100 edition (sold out)
  • Purple Vinyl LP | 400 edition (sold out)
  • Multi-Color Splatter Vinyl LP | 100 edition (sold out)
  • Light Blue Vinyl LP | 400 edition (sold out)
  • Pink Vinyl LP | 500 edition (sold out)
  • Glow-In-The Dark Vinyl LP | 100 edition (sold out)
  • Blue/White Splatter Vinyl LP | 200 edition (sold out)
  • Silver Vinyl LP | 400 edition (sold out)
  • Black-In-Red Vinyl LP | 100 edition (sold out)
  • Metallic Red Vinyl LP | 400 edition (sold out)
  • Translucent Red Vinyl LP | 500 edition (sold out)
  • Translucent Green Vinyl LP | 750 edition (sold out)
  • Black-In-Green Vinyl LP | 400 edition (sold out)
  • Clear / Green Splatter Vinyl LP | 100 edition (sold out)
  • Black-in-Yellow Vinyl LP | 200 edition  (sold out)
  • Yellow Splatter Vinyl LP | 400 edition  (sold out)
  • Clear Yellow Vinyl LP | 600 edition  (sold out)
  • Blue Glow in the Dark | 200 edition  (sold out)
  • Purple Marble | 300 edition  (sold out)
  • Gold | 400 edition
  • Neon Baby Blue | 600 edition
  • Marble Smoke | 700 edition
  • Black Vinyl LP 
  • Compact Disc


  1. Induction
  2. Dot In The Sky
  3. 39 By Design
  4. Not Just A Name
  5. Hath No Form
  6. Too Soon To Tell
  7. Cold Souls
  8. A Spire Points At The Heavens*
  9. Kissing The Ground
  10. Forget Tomorrow*
  11. Behind The Wall
  12. Too Soon To Tell (Cold Cave Remix)*
  13. Forget Tomorrow (Drew McDowall Remix)*
  14. 39 By Design (Martial Canterel Remix)*
  15. Kissing The Ground (Silent Servant Remix)*

* exclusive to CD and digital