David First

Brooklyn, NY

About David First

American guitarist and composer David First experiments with a wide range of genres, including improvised jazz, rock n’ roll, sound art, audio-visual experiments, and even opera. He played with Cecil Taylor in the early 70’s, formed rock n’ roll outfit The Notekillers, and has put out releases steadily from the 1990’s onwards on labels such as OODiscs, Analysand, Ants, XI Records, and Fabrica. Dais teamed up with David First in 2014 to deliver a long-lost electronic experimentation album he completed in the 70’s. Never once officially released since its creation, Electronic Works 1976-1977, is a truly unearthed gem from First’s past and a testament to his forward thinking musicianship. The five-song album features First “finger-painting” with a Buchla 100 modular synthesizer, a complex instrument controlled with touch-sensitive metal plates. Truly ahead of its time, Electronic Works 1976-1977 is a pure avant-garde improvisation, an unpredictable force that constantly shifts gears and tirelessly disrupts itself with ephemeral patterns of abstract electronics.