Ivan Pavlov, aka CoH, 2023Dais Records are proud to announce that CoH, the solo project of France-based Ivan Pavlov (of SoiSong, and former collaborator of Annie Anxiety, Cosey Fanny Tutti, Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, and Richard Chartier, among others) has joined the label roster.

Сон (pronounced “son”, meaning to sleep or dream) has been active since 1997, when he self released In Spaces Between before dropping the minimal masterpiece Enter Tinnitus in 1998 on Rastermusic. Over the next 25 years, Pavlov would release challenging and beautifully packaged works on labels like Coil’s own Eskaton, Raster-Norton, Mego, Source Research, Tourette, and more.

A pioneer of dreamlike, abstract minimal industrial, Pavlov’s catalog and recent collaborations with friend Abul Mogard are well worth exploring as we patiently and excitedly wait to reveal new work this coming Autumn. | BandcampInstagram | EU Bookings