Bestial Mouths

Bestial Mouths is an industrial electro-goth band from Los Angeles, CA.

Their harsh electronics and lush melodies are layered with vocalist Lynette Cerezo’s powerful vocals that channel Diamanda Galas, Siouxsie Sioux, and Lydia Lunch. Commanding beats akin to early industrial, EBM, and minimal synth are programmed underneath, forming tribal rhythms and mystical pulses. After releasing a single titled Gulls and their first LP Hissing Veil with Dais in 2011, Bestial Mouths have continued to fine tune their sound with releases on multiple other labels including Black Horizons, Desire, Clan Destine, and Cleopatra Records. Although their sound is constantly evolving, the recurring themes of spiritualism, mysticism, and tribalism are forever present as Bestial Mouths weave their own distinct creation that is something altogether unique and incomparable.