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TR/ST releases surprise self-titled 'TR/ST EP'

TR/ST's Robert Alfons holding a bouquet of roses

Photo by Sarah Pardini, stylist Hunter Clem

TR/ST (fka Trust) is the musical alias of producer, singer, and performer Robert Alfons. Born in Winnipeg, Canada (but based in Los Angeles for the past decade), he has released a string of celebrated albums fusing swooning synth-pop, confessional darkwave, and anthemic emotion: TRST (2012), Joyland (2014), The Destroyer - Part One (2019), and The Destroyer – Part Two (2019). Alfons has now joined Dais Records to bring in the next era of TR/ST.

Today sees the release of the new, minimally titled TR/ST EP which features four new tracks in addition to “Robrash”: the new dance floor heater “Run” featuring hyperpop star Cecile Believe, a beautiful cover of the Pet Shop Boys classic 1990 anthem “Being Boring” featuring Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters), the delicate and gauzy nearly-ambient composition “Evercall”, and an official release of the fan favorite “Slug”, previously only released to YouTube in 2015.

Alfons confirms he is in the studio working on a new album, expanding their singular sound in ways both cinematic and surprising: “Bigger, better, beautiful, and buried in mud.”


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