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TR/ST releases new single "Robrash"

TR/ST's Robert Alfons, 2023, by Latex Lucifer

Photo by Latex Lucifer

The dark electronic pop dialect of Robert Alfons aka TR/ST (fka Trust) emerged fully formed in 2010, and quickly sent ripples through the vibrant Toronto underground, culminating in 2012’s cult classic debut, TRST. Subsequent world tours and a permanent relocation to Los Angeles further widened the project’s horizons, which Alfons refined and distilled across three more widely celebrated full-lengths: Joyland (2014), The Destroyer - Part One (2019), and The Destroyer – Part Two (2019).

Fittingly, TR/ST’s next chapter will unfold in partnership with Los Angeles's prime institution of adventurous music, Dais Records. To christen the union, Alfons has announced a swooning new single, “Robrash,” which was co-produced by Nightfeelings and mixed by the legendary Nick Launay.

“Robrash” is available today alongside its instrumental version and is a dramatic preview of what’s to come from TR/ST in 2024.


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