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Drab Majesty present "The Skin and The Glove"

Following last month's majestic ballad “Vanity” (which features a rare guest vocal appearance from Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell), today Drab Majesty share a second look at An Object In Motion with "The Skin and the Glove." The song deploys jangle to sparkling effect – baggy, soaring, grey-skied kaleidoscopic pop.

Inspired by the insuperable march of time, for the video Deb Demure and Mona D. decided upon the one medium that reflects most accurately the way that memories seem sewn together by fragments of imagery.

The ‘flashing frames of time’ captured by the Super 8mm camera seem naturally edited in some part by simply moving through moments, holding down the trigger and choosing to remember certain aspects of a day, a trip or an extended period of travel. These glimpses into the personal and emotional aspects of touring were captured in far away lands like Europe, Canada, Mexico and even Tasmania. They attempt to compress the long passage of time and the effort that goes into playing in a band — to present it as the mind does; a tapestry of reflection that seems stitched together randomly and with that ephemeral granularity that rests in the potential to misremember.

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