Twin Stumps

Twin Stumps 12'' EP


Starting as a loose-knit noise punk project between four long-time friends, Twin Stumps took shape around 2008, setting the stage for manipulated mayhem whenever they were welcomed.  After a couple years of crawling through the tangled mess that is the underground of Brooklyn, NY, Twin Stumps pulled together a unpolished and coarse collection of songs to make up their freshman release.  Six songs hammered through a junkpile of distorted nihilism while dismissing sensible rock structure, Twin Stumps created a sound which kept its abrasive nature by reversing the concept of rhythmic beat into a sludge driven feedback loop. Contemporary nods to the likes of German Shepherds, Pussy Galore and Kilslug but giving it a more abrasive rock feel fitting in with bands such as Brainbombs, Pissed Jeans or Clockcleaner.  Sweaty pigfuck noise rock at its most crude.