Tor Lundvall

Moon/Tree Enamel Pin


Tor's iconic diamond Moon/Tree icon is finally available as a limited edition enamel pin of 100, laser etched and numbered.  DAIS + ETERNAL AUTUMN EDITIONS.

This personal emblem was inspired by Tor's childhood memory of the crescent moon shining above the trees one Christmas Eve in the early 1970s. Early versions of the diamond variant were drawn with brown ink on parchment paper, and affixed to homemade releases between 1995-1997. The emblem was first published on the back of Tor's debut release "Passing Through Alone" in 1997. The version seen on this pin was drawn in 1996, used to manufacture a rubber hand stamp which Tor applies to all of his painting labels and oil studies. This version also appears on many of Tor's releases, beginning with "The Seasons Unfold Sampler" published in 2007.