Missing Foundation

1933 Your House Is Mine


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The cacophonic dischord of Missing Foundation and the prophetic vision of Peter Missing culminated into a follow-up album, following their infamous self-titled debut, entitled "1933 Your House Is Mine". This sophomore effort was brought about in 1988 as a means to educate the forgotten outcasts amongst New York City's marginalised and underprivileged citizens, as well as to shock and confuse their growing audience using brash performance tactics and industrial rhythm to rally their socio-political cause.  An industrial soundtrack of urban protest, Missing Foundation found their voice amongst New York's gentrification backlash and garnished sensational mistreatment from the mainstream media outlets, as well as being lauded and praised by underground communities and social justice organisations.  This cultural divide had been branded with Missing Foundation's iconic flipped martini glass signature logo declaring that "the party's over", an emblem that can still be seen spray painted around New York City streets to this day. After being out of print for more than two decades, Missing Foundation "1933 Your House Is Mine" is now reissued for the first time on vinyl since its initial release, featuring the original, now iconic artwork and design.

Release Date: July 23, 2013


  • Black Vinyl LP | 500 edition