Missing Foundation

1933 Your House Is Mine


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The cacophonic dischord of Missing Foundation and the prophetic vision of Peter Missing culminated into a follow up album following their legendary self-titled debut which was collected under the banner as 1933 Your House Is Mine. This sophomore effort was brought about in 1988 as a means to educate the forgotten and venerate their followers using brash performance tactics and industrial rhythm to rally their cause.  An industrial soundtrack of urban protest, Missing Foundation found their voice, garnishing attention from the mainstream as well as being lauded by underground.  The cultural divide had been marked with Missing Foundation's flipping martini glass signature declaring that the party was over.  After being out of print for almost 25 years, Dais has finally reissued this legendary recording in it's most purest form.

Limited edition of 500 black vinyl copies and comes with a MP3 download card.