First ever vinyl reissue of the legendary Australian folk rock outfit Beastianity’s first album “Root”. Passionate and driving, wild and untamed – these songs lay claim to one of the most moving and intense recordings of the band's discography to date. Beastianity have survived close to two decades as a rogue unit of individuals dedicated to the upkeep of the sub-underground sound of paganistic folk mixed with industrial piracy. Always pushing their vision with the aid of two-track cassettes and pamphlet drops on public transport and host media in the days prior to the web. The sonic confrontation of their show was, and is still, a baptism of fire. Only those who could laugh through the excruciating feedback, deteriorated tape loops and potential off stage violence and gunpowder stench would stick around to see the pack develop a sound that remains uniquely Australian. Originally released over a decade ago in 1999, Dais has rediscovered and remastered the album to vinyl with the help of Beastianity’s own Praise Dog Publishing to give it a proper limited edition release with the first 100 mail order editions coming with an exclusive CDr of the rare outtake, "The Hated That Pleasure Brings." 

Release Date: August 30, 2010


  • Black Vinyl LP | 300 edition