Andrew King & Brown Sierra

The Kraken


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Andrew King, along with collaborators Brown Sierra, tie off a follow-up EP to last year’s folk electronic hybrid diamond “Thalassocracy”.  ”The Kraken” sounds reminiscent to a traditional maritime shanty ripped from history’s pages, laced with experimental beauty, electronic hisses, and static justly balanced by King’s story telling bravado.  Andrew’s own background with World Serpent as one of the primary members of Sol Invictus (along side Tony Wakeford) & The Triple Tree mixed with his studies of ancient English folklore and collaborations with Blood Axis and Les Sentiers Conflictuels forged with Brown Sierra’s epic electronic noise instrumentation make this release easily one of the most remembered and dissected folk recordings brave enough to tackle the historical mysteries of the past.

Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered black vinyl copies.