Dais x Retrospekt

Dais x Retrospekt Collab : Limited CP-81 Cassette Player and Compilation


This is a pre-order out December 15th, 2023.

We are proud to announce our collaboration with analog innovators and product design studio: Retrospekt.

The Dais x Retrospekt Portable Cassette Player is a limited edition release of Retrospekt’s CP-81: reimagined with a new graphic design in white, with rose-adorned artwork by Dais creative director Nathaniel Young. The device features all of the core cassette player functions, packaged with adjustable Dais branded headphones and an exclusive 19-track compilation cassette of unreleased material from our roster.

Limited to 1000.  Tape not sold separately.

DAIS223 Tape Compilation Tracklist:


High Vis - Forgot To Grow
High-Functioning Flesh - Down To Sense
Riki - SAS (For Those Who Speak And Spake)
Private World - Through The Distance
Body of Light - Out of Season (Demo Instrumental)
Helm - Evil Ceramics
Choir Boy - Happy to Be Bad With You (Demo)
Tor Lundvall - Black Fly Day
CoH - Vow a Vow
SPICE - I Dont Want To Die In NY (Remix)


VR SEX - Runway Runaway (Demo)
Xeno & Oaklander - Hoplite (Demo)
Tempers - Camino Del Sol (Antena Cover)
Cold Showers - Sliver (Inner City Remix)
AURAGRAPH - No Control
ADULT. - Few Warnings Are Important (2003)
Drew McDowall - Animals Will Sing
SRSQ - Phantasmata
Cold Gawd - Gin (At The Mountain)

Contents include:

  • Portable cassette player
  • Dais Records "DAIS223" Compilation Tape
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Dais adjustable headphones
  • User guide

Tape Player Features include:

  • Play, fast-forward, rewind, record
  • Microphone jack
  • Headphones jack
  • Type-C USB power supply
  • Battery operable

Product Specifications:

Brand: Dais x Retrospekt
Model: CP-81
2x AA
Headphones Included:
Dais adjustable headphones