Lord Foul

Lord Foul was a short-lived black metal one-man band from the early 1990’s formed in Louisville, Kentucky. During their active years, the band slipped completely under the radar and was virtually unheard of, self-releasing only one lone demo cassette titled Killing Raping Burning in 1993 in an extremely limited quantity. The band’s only member, who went mysteriously by the name of ‘Roach’, played and recorded every instrument. It wasn’t until Nargaroth, the renowned and illustrious German black metal band, discovered Lord Foul and covered the song “I Burn For You” on their 2001 album Black Metal Ist Krieg, that people began to become aware of Lord Foul’s existence.  

As the myth surrounding the band began to grow, there was still no way to hear their music unless you were lucky enough to have stumbled upon their extremely rare demo cassette. But in 2010, Forever Plagued Records re-issued Killing Rapping Burning, and in addition, uncovered a completely separate Lord Foul demo cassette from 1994 titled The Devils Advocate, which was never before released officially or unofficially, and bundled the two together for a CD release. Dais, recognizing the sheer brilliance of this hateful document of early metal underground, deemed it worthy of a proper vinyl re-issue, and released it in 2011 in an edition of 500 copies, with beautiful artwork done by Bryan Burk of Dark Horse Tattoo. Killing Rapping Burning / The Devils Advocate is an time capsule of ungodly American black metal, a truly hidden gem that was fortunately saved from falling into the black hole of complete and utter tape obscurity.